The Transportation Safety Board will investigate the dock collision on the Toronto Island ferry

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Canada’s Transportation Safety Board said it is deploying “a team of investigators” after a Toronto Island ferry collided with a dock at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on Saturday.

The collision occurred Saturday afternoon when the Sam McBride ferry, carrying more than 900 passengers at the time, hit the dock.

Paramedics said there were 12 injuries, though all were minor.

A spokesperson for Toronto paramedics said five injured people were taken to hospital for treatment, but none were seriously injured.

On Monday, the TSB said it would gather information, interview witnesses, examine the name and equipment, assess human factors, operators, weather conditions, vessel history and incidents.

It is the second independent agency that investigates incidents in air, sea, rail and pipeline transport with the aim of promoting safety. It does not prescribe civil or criminal liability.

Meanwhile, the City of Toronto said service between the island and the terminal will be reduced for the rest of the summer, with the ferry operating on a revised schedule as a result of the docking incident.

“Travelers can expect typical flight times until the end of the late spring,” the city said in a tweet on Sunday.

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