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Omicron: The New COVID-19 Variant

What does this mean?

A newer version of COVID-19, called omicron, has been identified. The version was reported by the South American government to the WHO on November 26, 2021. Recently the version was detected United States of america, A positive case was reported in California from a traveler from South Africa.


  • So far, the symptoms of the virus have been labeled as “extremely soft”, One patient said that he felt very tired and had a mild headache. Another reported a sore throat. So far none of the patients have reported common COVID symptoms, such as loss of taste or smell, or cough. More research is being done to find out what symptoms, if any, are attributed to the new variant.

The new version has people wondering about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Will it work against variants? Here’s what we know:

Vaccine effectiveness

  • Since the variant is so new, the vaccine’s effectiveness against the virus is unclear. Preliminary findings suggest that the variant may be higher contagious and able to evade the body’s immune response, with or without the vaccine. However, more information should be available in the next few weeks. of modern The chief medical officer said a modified vaccine to protect against Omicron would be available early next year.

How can you best protect yourself like this? The best answer is that the old advice still holds.

protection from omicron

  • the best way to protect yourself The new version aims to continue practicing your safe health habits. This includes wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance. Doctors also recommend vaccination, because even though this variant reduces the effectiveness of the shots, it is highly unlikely that the vaccine will be completely useless.

as of right now, President Joe Biden says that this new version is “a cause for concern, not a cause for panic”. CDC is advising all American adults to get their booster shots. The World Health Organization has warned that global risk There is “too much” arising from the proliferation of diversity, and that all countries should do what they can to protect themselves from it. This will most likely mean that more countries are closing their borders and restricting travel. Research is being done to learn more about the variant and the effectiveness of the vaccine against it.

As always, it is extremely important to do everything in your power to keep you and those around you healthy. health + wellness Provides free COVID testing to all students and staff.

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