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Hoping to buy an M1X MacBook Pro next week? Keep dreaming


If you purchased an iPhone the moment it was on the market at 5 a.m. Pacific on September 17th, you’ll likely be in a position to purchase it by the time it was shipped one week later. But the ship dates started to shift just 30 minutes after the preorders were opened, and decreased in the course of the early morning. As of this writing when you place an order for the iPhone 13 Pro online, it won’t be delivered to your doorstep until the end of the month and it’s expected that the iPhone 13 ships in three weeks. (Apple’s website states that it has stock is available at certain Apple Stores, but you are dependent on the inventory in stock, so that you might not receive the capacity or colour you’d like.)

Being one of the “least affected” by the shortage could mean waiting for three to four weeks, which seems like an eternity when you’re purchasing an expensive new Apple device. Also, the MacBook Pro could be even more expensive. While Apple sells of iPhones in comparison to MacBook Pros, the rumored M1X MacBook is a completely different beast. It’s for one, this is the very only “Pro” machine to include Apple silicon. In addition, it’s the first redesign of the MacBook since the last time it was released. There are also reports that it will include various ports and features believed to be gone forever thus the demand for the new laptop is likely to be extremely high.

As the MacBook Pro is a new model and the MacBook Pro will have a new processor however, we aren’t sure how much it’ll affect the availability of. It’s possible that it won’t be as long as with the iPhone however, it’s also likely that the issue could be more severe because of an array of factors: the new design, the new processor, constrained components issues with supply chain, and backlogs in shipping. In essence, it may be the most constrained Apple product in 2021.

What you can do to get a new Mac

The suppliers are doing the best they can, however, according to Canalys’ Rushabh Doshi puts it, “With the supply situation throwing curve-balls one after the other, PC vendors have it harder than anyone, as they manage this intricate and complex problem of supply and demand, where no magic formula exists.”

Does anyone know what a consumer can do to ensure the newly purchased Mac is delivered in time for Christmas? We’re in the hands of the market. If you are certain that you’d like to purchase a New MacBook Pro announced on October 18, you need to make your purchase as quickly as you can. This means that you may be up earlier than normal to make your purchase. If you’re not able to do that, you can look through the available items at the Apple Store in your area. However, remember that you’ll be unable to personalize the laptop to suit your requirements and you’ll need select from the available options.

It is also possible to check out the third-party stores like Amazon or Best Buy at the preorder date. The majority of customers will shop at Apple first, as it is the largest retailer. However, you may be able use that advantage to your advantage and locate an updated MacBook Pro that ships in only a few days from an alternative third-party.

However, if nothing is successful and you receive an estimated ship date of December or, if you’re lucky, 2022, then it’s good. In the end, they say the best things happen to those who are patient. We’ve waited for so long, and now we’re waiting an additional couple of months.

Roman has been covering technology since the beginning of the 1990s. His career began with MacUser and he’s also been with MacAddict, Mac|Life and TechTV.

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